RC Action article on my flash block, that shoots fire from an RC Car remotely
Flash Block photo installed on the RC, showing the Glo-Plug lit
Prop model sold to The Wand Company that they used as reference when building their product.  This product is being sold worldwide
Sci-Fi Top Spinning Station made from wood, styrene and plastic
Custom made spinning ring.  Threaded and knurled knob for the stem, and a pressed bearing to spin on
Spin Ring in action
Custom machined bronze top, with pressed bearing
Custom machined bronze top, weathered, with pressed bearing
Custom machined brass top, weathered
Custom machined brass top, with pressed bearing
Custom machined copper spinning coin, with pressed bearing
Custom machined aluminum top, with pressed bearing
Product Design logo for a "Nativity In A Bag"
Product Design of a Children's Nativity Playset
Product Design for a home decoration cross
Product Design of a finished display Nativity set, sold worldwide
Multi-Purpose dolly that adjusts to cradle odd shaped objects
Custom designed welding table that has metal dogs, storage door, compartment to catch slag, and custom brake
Wooden portfolio with working latch
Aged Manger for New Life Church
Photo from the Production video the manger was used in
Custom designed and built entertainment center
Metal bar stools
Metal chaise lounge
Metal wall sconce
Custom designed and hand made armoire
Wood and metal staff for a stage prop (a collaboration project with Brian Rowe)
Product Design
3D Design and printing
Movie prop print
Spinning Fidget Toy Design
Printer Spinning Fidget Toy
Movie prop 3D Design
Movie Prop print
Movie prop 3D Design with sliding door, removable scanner and hinged lid
Movie Prop Print
3D Design
3D Design
3D Design