Welcome Designers!

I would like to welcome you to my webpage that I created just for you.  Other than offering wholesale pricing, I also work with designers to build custom wood, metal, and stone projects (such as cabinets, entertainment centers, barstools, furniture, lighting)

I would be interested in hearing any ideas you may have and would like to discuss any projects you are working on.  I know that many times you cannot find exactly the right piece of art or furniture, I can create this for you to fit the client's home with their style in mind.  I had similar problems with my home (not finding the right size pieces or what I really wanted), so I made them.

From stone carving, ceramics, woodworking, to metal fabrication - I am sure we can work together to create unique pieces for your clients.

Bar Stools
Entertainment Center
Wood Fireplace Mantle
Display Cabinets
Chaise Lounge
Metal Sconces
The entertainment center is an original design and made out of Maple, featuring floating raised panel doors, adjustable glass shelves, adjustable wood shelf in center unit, metal mesh panels that enclose the stereo speakers, dimmable halogen lights, crown molding and baseboards.  It is finished with a light stain and polyurethane.

Also, it separates into 3 pieces for ease of moving
These barstools are not an original design, yet recreated.  

They are made of 5/8" round metal, heated and bent to shape.  The design was slightly modified from the original to match more as a pair.  

The fabric was done to reflect the kitchen colors and blend to our motif.
This armoire was created to help mix the bedroom furniture with an Oriental feel.  All hardware was hand built (the hinges, handle pulls, and latch) out of metal and is functional.

I opted to create a "used" look for this piece.  I stressed the wood, tarnished the brass and gold paint, as well as the black paint to create this feel.
I did not want a traditional fireplace, more of a floating, rustic piece of wood to fit in with the contemporary style.

It is a made out of Ash, hollowed out to cut down on the drastic weight, and mounted without any supports showing.
The sconces were fabricated out of sheet metal, and also welded some small pieces at the bottom for venting and allows some light out.  

There are two of them on either side of a buffet in the dining room.  More pics to come.
This is a work in progress photo of a chaise lounge that will be going in the master bedroom.  It will carry out the same design as the barstools, as well as create extra seating.

More pics to come.
These display cabinets were built to house some collectibles.  They are painted with the same color as the trim in the room, feature fully adjustable glass shelves, and glass doors.

They are also mounted to the wall to create a unique look with space underneath.