Built from styrene and resin cast claws.  Custom painted
Custom machined aluminum, milled, and electronics
Inhaler made from vacuformed styrene, acrylic, and machined aluminum
Made from sheet metal, acrylic, and metal pieces
Machined aluminum and brass, and styrene.  Painted in metallic paints with a glossy, 2 part, automotive finish
Machined aluminum
Hand machined and milled from aluminum.  Features a bead blasted finish, polished finish, and painted aluminum
Replicated scope from an original, warped cast
Machined aluminum, brass, and acrylic
Made by hand from wood, metal, acrylic, and styrene.  Finished in a distressed, rusted and worn look
Vacuformed styrene from an original buck made from wood.  Custom made graphic and machined aluminum buttons
Made from wood, metal, and styrene
Made from PVC, wood, styrene, acrylic, and custom machined brass
Made from wood, styrene, and custom machined aluminum
Made from wood, styrene, and acrylic
Made from wood, clear resin, and custom machined, knurled aluminum
Made from acrylic, styrene, and custom made graphic
Made from custom formed sheet metal, rubber, acrylic, and custom made hardware
Built from scratch
Custom build from a kit, working airsoft and pump.  Built in a custom grenade exposed by racking the pump back
Finished in a slightly weathered/rusted finish and worn grip
Finished in a rusted and worn look, on hyperfirm
Finished in a rusted and worn look, on hyperfirm
Receiver stripped, metal upgraded parts added, work areas in appropriate places, and real cylinder added for weight and realism
Weathered and painted in molly-resin to match the original prop
Built from resin, tubes, acrylic emitter, and custom machined aluminum buttons, finished in a chameleon paint
All aluminum prop kit, TIG welded together, molly resin paint, and working LED in the emitter
Toy lightsaber from WalMart, painted to look like an expensive prop replica
Soldered brass lid, metal greeblies, and correct crystals
Added trim work around the body, painted dome, real leather inlay, custom printed graphic, soldered brass component, and weathered to match the original prop
Painted in a metallic paint, with a 2 part automotive clear.  Custom machined aluminum dial and graphics added
Finished kit in the correct subtle colors and custom made array
Custom made graphic to match the original prop, custom made scanner array
Built from vacuformed bucks and heavily weathered to match the original prop
Built from an original casting, slightly weathered
Built with a pop-up head, slightly distressed
Statue finished in an aged terracotta look
Built from a kit or found items
Backlit panel built with figures that disappear when turned off
Backlit panel built with figures that disappear when turned off
Laser wired to the trigger that emits through the acrylic emitter
Laser wired to the trigger that emits through the acrylic emitter
Insides of a working prop, features a working GLOW bulb
Machined aluminum prop that was milled for electronics, illuminating 2 LEDs
Custom machined acrylic tube, 4 wired red LEDs that flash in 3 different sequences, wired to the switch
4 rectangular LEDs, that alternate in a crossing pattern
8 bulbs wired in a series
Working LED and sound from the television show, Warehouse 13
Custom printed graphic on transparency, backlit and triggered by the switch on the front
Multi LED in a chasing sequence pattern, and sound
Please note - These models are to show craftsmanship, finishing techniques, and likeness only.  They are not for sale, nor for any other use